Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Trio's Down to Two

June 6, 2016
Hello, all!  So on Wednesday we found out that Sister Meagher was getting transferred to Citrus Ridge, near Orlando.  Other sisters who haved served there say you can see the Disney fireworks every night :)  We were sad to see her go, though.  We went out for frozen yogurt that night, but she actually ended up being able to stay until Friday.  On Tuesday and Friday we taught an investigator named Nicole in McDonald's.  She is awesome.  Unfortunately she usually works on Sundays and hasn't been to church yet.

Friday was pretty crazy.  We packed up Sister Meagher and had to go get a bike rack from the Valrico elders because the Riverview elders apparently do not have a car anymore and we inherited Sister Alder's broken bike rack when she transferred and needed one.  We taught Nicole with a member, and then had to rush off to meet Sister Meagher's new companion at the mission office.  Because Sister Anderson and the other Sister Training Leader had a Mission Leadership Conference, we did an exchange so I was with Sister Lance who serves in the YSA ward.  We walked around the USF (University of South Florida) all day and talked to people.  It was really fun and it is a really beautiful campus!  We also did a Skype lesson with a recent convert who had moved back to Peru.  The meeting got out pretty late, so we didn't get home until around 10:30 that night.

This week we met a really nice woman with 5 daughters ages 11, 8, 4, 2, and 3 months.  (We haven't met the baby yet!)  They want to come to church next week!  They don't have a car, but they might be able to borrow one from the grandma or we can try to find them a ride.  That could be hard because they are such a big family!  The husband and son may come as well.  Nobody that we invited to church this week was able to make it, though.  At church yesterday, I met a woman who I thought would really get along with the mom and I told Sister Anderson.  She said she had been thinking the same thing!  So we invited her to come visit her with us tomorrow.

We actually taught a few lessons in Spanish this week!  Sister Anderson knows it pretty well, so I didn't say much.  When I tried, it was really hard.  We are going to get some members who speak Spanish to come with us next time.  People are really nice here.  One woman invited us onto her porch and gave us glasses of cold water.

We also had a cool experience on Saturday.  We started tracting and then Sister Anderson said, "I feel like there's somewhere else we should be."  So we decided to move on to the next place we had planned to go to.  As we got to our car, we met a young man walking a dog.  We stopped and he said his family was going through a hard time, so we said a prayer with him.  As Sister Anderson was saying the prayer, I thought that I should teach him about the Book of Mormon, so I did.  I knew it could bring him peace in this hard time.  He wanted to read it, and even said he would come to church!  Sister Anderson said she had never seen someone so receptive in Fishhawk before.  Fishhawk is a rich neighborhood, and I guess most people there aren't interested in learning about our church.

Last night we went to a graduation/going away party for a young woman in the ward.  It was fun, there was good food, and we were able to talk to several people.  We also found out there is a tropical storm coming our way, and our beach party that was supposed to happen today was postponed until next week.  I'm excited, we are going to have a sand castle making competition!  Anyway, it's been a good week and I hope you all are doing well. :)

Sister Porter

The first two pictures are us eating frozen yogurt :)  Then there is the three of us at the mission office, and us with Sister Meagher's new companion in the last picture.

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