Monday, October 3, 2016

Jeremiah's and Kelsey's Baptism!

August 1, 2016

Hello, all!

On Tuesday, we went on another exchange.  We decided to meet at Jeremiah's to exchange back.  Jeremiah's is an ice cream/gelato place that everyone loves.  Sister Alder and I went there twice while I was in Valrico.  It is so good and it was so fun!  Not only that, but Kelsey was there!  We filled out her baptism paperwork.  Not only THAT, but Chipotle is right next door so Sister Anderson and I ate lunch there after everyone left :)

There was a little scheduling conflict for Kelsey's baptism that we had to figure out.  Apparently the relief society president checked to see if the building would be open, but didn't reserve it.  So the whole building got reserved for some scout training meeting.  The bishopric was awesome and found out we could do the baptism at another building nearby at the same time.  There would be another baptism for the Providence elders right after Kelsey's.   It worked out well.  It was so great!  A member of the Providence ward came in at 6am to start filling the font.  So many members of the ward and even some from the YSA ward came to support her.  The relief society president Sister Bingham and Kelsey's best friend Courtney gave great talks.  Kelsey's boyfriend came even though none of her family did.  There were lots of treats and we forgot to tell Kelsey to bring a towel, so somebody went to the store and got one.  Vivienne's baptism seemed to have a lot of support, too, even though it was last minute and the ward didn't know her as well as we knew Kelsey.  The confirmation on Sunday was really special and it made me so happy to see Kelsey get confirmed.  I wish I had gotten a picture.  It was just a great day.

Today, we went out to brunch with the Alvarezes because it's my birthday on Wednesday!  I'm excited!  We will be in Tampa all day because Sister Anderson is helping with metro.  I will be with the YSA sisters on campus...again!  Haha.  But we got stuff to make cake and pizza so it will be fun.   I will definitely get pictures.  We will also be going to the mission office on Tuesday for a zone training meeting.  Yay!

Alright, well, I hope you all are doing well!  Remember God loves you!  3 Nephi 4:7
Sister Porter
First picture: me, Sister Anderson, Sister King, Sister Jensen, Sister Harper, and Sister Swanson at Jeremiah's.
Second picture: us with Kelsey at Jeremiah's
Third picture: Kelsey and former Elder Cloward (who flew in from Utah) on baptism day!
Fourth picture: us with Kelsey on baptism day!
Fifth picture: Courtney and her best friend Courtney :)

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