Monday, October 3, 2016

Storms and Sickness

September 5, 2016

Hello, all!  It was a little bit of a boring week as we were stuck inside for three days, but here goes:

On Monday night we stopped by A.'s house to see how he was doing.  He said he had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  The coolest thing was that you could tell!  Both Sister Minson and I saw in his countenance that he was happier and closer to the Holy Spirit.  There was a light in his eyes.

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting and since we were low on miles, we were able to ride part way with the Land O Lakes sisters.  They are really awesome!  Sister Blanchard gave away a Book of Mormon at a stoplight.  The light turned green before she was back in the car.  It was crazy!  Later that night, Sister Minson and I realized that we were both in Women's Glee Choir at BYU-Idaho at the same time! (Fall 2014)

On Tuesday night as we were getting ready for bed, we got a call to stay in the apartment for the next 24 hours because of the hurricane.  Sister Minson was starting to feel sick anyway.  We got special permission to go see a doctor (who diagnosed strep throat) and pick up an antibiotic on Wednesday morning.  For the next 3 days, we stayed inside because even at the small intervals that we were allowed to go back outside, we had to stay in so Sister Minson could rest and recover.  It was really hard to exercise inside in the morning.  When Sister Minson was napping, I organized my things, read a lot, clipped my nails, washed dishes...whatever I could think of.    When she was awake, we were able to watch videos together.  We made waffles for dinner one night.

On Saturday, the storm had passed and so had the sickness.  Yay!  We taught Reese and her mom about family history work.  We also taught A.  again.  He seems to understand and believe what we teach.  He even shared an experience that he had a dream when he was younger that corresponds to our belief on why God sent us here to earth.  But he doesn't understand why he needs to do anything different from what he's already doing.  We hope our lesson on Wednesday will help.  What he is doing is great, but there is so much more!

Yesterday at church, Reese and her mom were at church and Reese shared her testimony!  We went to see a referral we got the day before who requested a Bible in English.  We were able to teach E., his wife Mimi, daughter-in-law M., and her mother I.!  They are from E.  They seemed pretty curious as  to what we believe and were excited to read both the Bible and the Book of Mormon!  That night we met a woman from Burlington, MA - one town over from where I grew up!  She let us pray with her.

I guess it wasn't a bad week :)  I hope you all are doing well!
Sister Porter

These are some pictures that I wasn't able to send last week.  The first two are us with Abby after she spent an evening with us.  The others are just things I thought were cool - a fish mailbox, and a tiny frog on our car!

Pictures 1 and 2: Our haircuts!
Picture 3: us with Elder and Sister Foster at the zone conference!Picture 4: me, Sister Hunt, Sister Felt, Sister Swanson, Sister Clement, Sister Chavez, Sister Gucake, and Sister Minson at lunch at the zone conference :)

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