Monday, July 25, 2016

A Great Week!

July 18, 2016

Wow!  This week was awesome!

Let's start at the beginning...on Monday afternoon we got free slurpees from 7-11 and then went to a member's home to alter some of our clothes.  We spent a long time there and before we knew it it was already 4:30 and we still had to go grocery shopping and wash the car.  Brother Tilton offered to make us food and he made us sandwiches!  Then we were at another member's home, the Alvarezes, and they gave us a pizza.  Seriously, they had ordered pizza and it got there just as we were leaving and they had ordered an extra one for us.  Score!  Oh, and I got an awesome package from my mom that night, too :)  Now we have music to listen to in the car!

On Tuesday, Sister Anderson and I went to the district meeting in Tampa and then went on an exchange for a day.  I was with Sister Harper, the other Sister Training Leader, until Wednesday morning and she is awesome!  She taught me a lot about being more bold and confident.  I wanted to go see a woman named Connie that we had met because we were in her area.  When she answered the door, I asked her if she was still interested in our church and she immediately said yes.  She said she had just been watching a spiritual movie called Miracles in Heaven and was wondering which church to go to on Sunday!  Sister Harper invited her to be baptized and she wants to!  She was definitely going to come to church and hopefully bring her family, we even stopped by to remind her on Saturday, but none of them showed up.  However, we asked a young man to invite his friend that we had met to come to church and he did and he came!  We are meeting with him tonight because he wants to learn more!

Sister Harper and I also met another woman who we invited to be baptized and had 2 really good discussions with, but she called us later and said she really feels like she is good where she is at.  She has already been baptized, believes in the Bible, and said if the Book of Mormon is true, then she has one now and that's all she feels she needs.  But there is so much more than that!

We also heard from Ann, the lady who gave us cake and ice cream, that she wants to be baptized but doesn't feel spiritually ready yet.  We know she is because she loves the Savior and truly desires to do what is right.  That's all that is really needed in order to start progressing towards baptism.

We also met with Kelsey to brainstorm the program for her baptism!  A lot of the members she wanted to help with things are going to be out of town so we will have to figure that out.  I might play the piano for the opening and closing hymns and/or say the opening prayer.  Sister Anderson is going to play a musical number while Kelsey gets dressed after the baptism.  I just can't wait!  She is not going to BYU-Idaho anymore, at least for a while.  She went to the YSA (Young Single Adult) ward for the first time yesterday :)

One day we were walking and I said, "I just want water.  No, A/C.  No, water AND A/C!"  A little later this awesome couple lets us in to their house and gives us water.  They shared amazing testimonies of how God has influenced their lives.  God really does love us :)

Well, there have been many other miracles this week but this email is already getting long.  I hope you all are doing well and send you love all the way from Florida!
Sister Porter

First picture: Sister Harper and I on the left, Sister King in the front, then Sister Lance and Sister Anderson.  This was at the end of the exchange :)
Second picture: This is a very common door decoration.  We like it :)  Pineapple doorbells and frog doorbells are also popular.
Third and fourth pictures: the result of getting caught in the rain...
Fifth picture: P-day selfie :)

Hope you all have a great week!

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