Sunday, July 3, 2016

Miracles and Metro

June 27, 2016
Hello, everyone!  How are you all doing?

This week we contacted a girl Kelsey who had been taught by missionaries before and she wanted to meet with us again.  Her parents do not approve of her interactions with our church, but she is 18 now.  She said she would come to church and we arranged to meet her afterwards.  Later in the week, we knocked on a door and found a boy her age who had not been coming to church and invited him.  He said he would come and they both did!  We found out they knew each other, so we met with them both after church and had a great lesson.  They are both really awesome!  She really wants to be baptized but we are worried about her relationship with her family if she does.

On Friday we went to a training meeting all day.  It was called Metro.  We got to go back to the University of South Florida campus for a couple of hours to talk to people and eat lunch there.  It was really fun to get together with other missionaries and learn how to be better.  There was even a bag of hand-me-down clothes we could take stuff from, haha :)

On Saturday night we had a lesson with a really nice man named Max and brought a member of our ward.  It was a great lesson and Sister Jenkins was able to testify of the priesthood, the power of God for man to act in His name.  Her husband has been in the military and Max has served in the military as well, so he really wants to meet him and hear his experiences.  We will have to bring him next time!

That same day, we knocked on the door of a family who was just moving in and offered to say a prayer with them.  They asked us to pray for them to be able to sell their old house.  Later, a car pulls up and a woman says, "You guys just prayed with my husband, and we just got a text with an offer for our house!  Thank you, and keep praying that it is a good offer!"  That was awesome!

Anyway, that's pretty much all I've got for this week.  Our new mission president gets here this week which will be fun!  I just know that God is involved in all of our lives.  He leads us through the Holy Spirit for the benefit of all of His children.  He knows what is best for us and loves us dearly.

Sister Porter
Metro Pictures
The first pictures are me and Sister Anderson at the USF sign.  The last picture is the metro group: Sister Chavez, Sister Myers, Sister Whitlock, Sister Phillips, Sister Blanchard, Sister Sackley, Sister Lance, Sister Sutton, me, Sister Anderson, Elder Menlove, Elder Peterson, Elder Gneiting, Elder Taylor, Elder Phelps, and Elder Cantu.  Elder Menlove and Elder Cantu are the Assistants to the President who did most of the training.  Sister Sackley and Sister Sutton are basically "Sister APs" who did some training as well.  They are all awesome!

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