Sunday, July 3, 2016

Another Transfer in Lithia!

June 20, 2016

We got our transfer email and both Sister Anderson and I will be staying where we are :)  This week I feel like I've really gotten to know the area better.  We spend a lot of time in Fishhawk, which is a really nice group of neighborhoods right near where we live.  I also learned that there is country in Lithia!  We went and knocked on doors on some country roads where the houses are farther apart and there are beautiful green fields and even cows!  Who knew?  We have been meeting some very nice people, though most people aren't interested in learning more about our church.

So the beach party was on Monday!  It was pretty fun.  We just got to hang out and eat and spend time on the beach.  I love the ocean and the sand was so soft and the water was so warm!  Don't worry, I didn't swim...just dipped my toes in once :)  Some of the sisters in our zone got us "ugly Hawaiian shirts" so we could all match. 

On Tuesday, we biked to Fishhawk for the day and ate dinner at Fishhawk Pizza.  It was really good!  Then on Thursday, I did weekly planning for the first time!  It was actually pretty fun, though it seems to be dreaded by every other missionary.

We have had some good experiences this week with following the Spirit on where to go.  One time, we had about 10 minutes before dinner and were going to head to a road that was on our way home.  As I was about to pull out, I looked across the street and felt like we should knock on doors there.  The last door we knocked on was a young father with a little boy who said he wanted to find a church, but had been waiting until his kids were older.  We told him there is a great children's ministry at our church and he seemed pretty interested in coming to check it out.  Yay!

It has been raining more.  One time, it was crazy.  It was pouring ridiculously hard, the wind was pretty strong, and my umbrella turned inside out.  We ended up taking refuge on somebody's porch and just hoped they wouldn't come in or out.

Yesterday, I got to meet a lot of the members of our congregation and they are awesome!  There are a couple families who have really been sharing what they know with their friends.  Our ward mission leader Brother Birch is awesome, too.  We had a great meeting with him where he gave us some great ideas.  He then came with us and his wife to a lesson for a recent convert to the church, Patty.  She is from Peru and doesn't speak much English, so Brother Birch was able to translate.  Her children and her mother were there as well.  Her mother actually said she really likes the change that she has seen in her daughter and wants to check out the church when she goes back to Peru!  

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Hope all is going well with all of you!  I would love to hear about what's going on in all of your lives!
Sister Porter
First picture: Sister Meagher, me and Sister Anderson :)
Second picture:  I don't actually know the 2 sisters on the left, but there is Sister Meagher, me, Sister Olson, Sister Lance, and Sister Anderson.
Third picture: Sister Anderson and I on the beach :)
Fourth picture: me by the water :)

More Beach Pictures:
1: Feet :)  See my lovely foot tan?
2. selfie on the beach :)
3. beautiful beach scenery
4. us with Sister Cusick, the mission president's wife :)

Sorry...even more pictures:
1. the sisters in my zone: me, Sister Anderson, Sister Durrant, Sister Macfarlane, Sister Lance and Sister Harper.
2. us at Fishhawk Pizza :)

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