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June 26,

Hello, all!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President and a great district meeting. This week we were asked to set daily goals and record how we spend our time and report them to our district leader. It has been cool to see how goals really help us improve and when we report them, we improve even more and feel more accountable for everything we do. I guess a real life application of this is prayer to Heavenly Father. We can tell him about our day and report what we did and how we want to be better in the future.

On Wednesday we did service serving a lunch for homeless or lonely people at a church. The woman who told us about it was there as well as a woman we had met in our apartment complex. They were very grateful for our help and even insisted we take some lunch. We taught Nina in the afternoon and she included two younger adopted siblings in the lesson. They seemed pretty interested and asked questions, but Nina told us her mom has been resistant to the church even though she gave permission for them to join in the lesson. That night we taught John and decided to move back his baptism date. At the next lesson we proposed July 22 to him so he could pray about it.

On Thursday we taught Tammy. She had finished watching the Restoration video and said she had to go back and watch it again. She was really bugged by the fact that the video says, "And many other things did they speak unto me" when Joseph Smith is having his first vision. We tried to explain that we don't need to know everything, and if we did it would mean a lot more responsibility. A scripture came to my mind, 3 Nephi 19:31-34 that talks about Jesus praying for a congregation of people. The people could not record the words that he said because they were so sacred and meant only for those who were there. She felt better about it after we read that. At the end of the lesson she told us that she had a mighty prayer on Saturday night where she was able to forgive her husband. The next morning she made a big breakfast and brought it into him and told him she forgives him and loves him. She is truly having a change of heart and the Spirit is working in her. It was so exciting to see! That night there was a storm so we went into Publix and the power went out while we were there! Apparently that never happens here. It was pretty exciting.

On Saturday night we had an adventure. We got home and our smoke alarms went off a couple of times. Nothing seemed wrong so we didn't worry about it. But right after we got in bed, they started going off more and so we eventually called the fire department. 3 firemen came to check it out and said it was just a faulty fire alarm and because all the fire alarms in the apartment are connected, it was causing them all to go off. Anyway, we lost 2 hours of sleep that night 😴

Yesterday, John came to church...for the first time 2 weeks in a row! A less active woman and her non member husband came as well, and we had dinner with them last night which was fun. Her parents were there as well and they are less active members in Tampa 2, Sister Durrant's old area. In the afternoon we had an appointment with a nice lady who had told us we could come back and share a message. It turns out she is a member of the church who hasn't been to church in a really long time. At first she said she did not want to come back to church and wouldn't read the Book of Mormon, but by the end of the lesson she seemed excited about the pancake breakfast our ward is having on Saturday and said she would try to read from the Book of Mormon. She also committed herself to write down things she is grateful for each day. The Spirit guided that lesson for sure! I just hope she felt God's love.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! When we follow the Spirit and rely on God, we see more and more miracles every day!

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