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Temple and Exchange!

June 19,

Hello, all! It was a great week. On Monday Sister Moore picked us up and we went to go teach John. He was going through a hard time and still didn't feel like he had received an answer from God. We taught him on Friday as well and he was doing much better. We read a chapter from the Book of Mormon and he understood it. He told us he has been reading it every day but it is hard to understand it on his own. He came to church on Sunday and for the first time said he enjoyed it and learned something. I think his heart is really opening up to feeling the Spirit.

On Tuesday we saw Tammy but she was rushing around the house in the middle of caring for Carol. She is super stressed and going through a lot. She had started watching the Restoration video and seems to be following it well. She said she liked it. That night there was a Relief Society activity and Sister Tecer, the less active we taught on Saturday, came! We also got asked to help with the music in primary while some people will be gone for the summer, so that will be fun!

Wednesday was going to the temple and zone conference! We had a super fun car ride there and back with Sister Bennett and Sister Christensen. The temple was amazing and I felt so much peace there. It was like all my worries were gone. Heavenly Father loves us so much! Zone Conference was great. We got pizza for lunch and learned how to contact people on the street better. Sister Swanson gave an amazing last testimony as did the other missionaries who are going home. It was hard to say goodbye but I felt God telling me it was ok and this is not the end. It was just a great day!

On Thursday we weekly planned and then went on an exchange! It was so weird to be back in Lithia. We had so much fun! Sister Bennett and I taught a recent convert and then went to stop by another family in the neighborhood. They were not interested, but as we were walking away, Sister Bennett received a prompting to knock on the door next to them. The woman answered the door, looked at me, and said, "I've talked to you before. You were here a few months ago." Well, it was 10 or more months ago, but I remember talking to her outside while she was walking her dog. She was very nice and she and her 2 teenage daughters accepted a return appointment. What a miracle! The hand of God is in everything.

The next day we stopped by Kelsey's family who is moving soon. They are really nice and seemed to be open to learning about the gospel. This is a complete night and day difference from what Kelsey told us while she was preparing to be baptized. Then we got ice cream at the same shop that Sister Anderson and I went to a lot. So much fun! We exchanged back that night and went to teach John with Sister Williams. We read the Book of Mormon with him and he seemed to enjoy and understand it more.

On Saturday we taught Nina (the referral from New York). She is so awesome and has a really strong testimony of the gospel. We are trying to figure out what is holding her back from baptism. She has told us she wants to be baptized and pretty much already considers herself a member. Because of circumstances in her life, she has some really hard things to overcome. She really wanted to come to church this Sunday but said it was too hard for her this week.

On Sunday John came to church and Sister Durrant played the piano in primary. In a few weeks I will also be filling in for leading the music. It was so fun to be there with the kids. That night we met a lot of cool people. We saw a less active who lives in our apartment complex and had a great conversation with her. She is getting more committed to come back to church every time we talk to her. We met a woman and her kids who were watching a helicopter take off from the hospital and found out they are the family of a man we had met and were trying to meet with. She told us she had seen the card and pamphlet we gave him and was planning on calling us when they get some free time, but their schedule is crazy. Finally we met a man and his wife who moved into our apartment complex about a week ago from Minnesota and he was very open to learning and gave us his phone number. It was a huge testimony to me that Heavenly Father puts us where we need to be when we need to be there.

Well, I hope you all had a great week and a happy Father's Day! I love you all and hope everything is going well.

-Sister Porter

P.S. The quote that I sent in a picture in my last email is actually from President Thomas S. Monson...whoops :)

1. Sister Bennett and I :)
2. Old apartment
3. This is a really cool thing.  It says Apollo Beach and has manatees on it.

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