Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles

July 24, 2017

Hello, all! What a great week! It all started on Monday night when we saw a family, the Cordova family, that we had previously met, walking outside in our apartment complex. The mother asked if we could set up a time to meet. So, of course, we did! It was on Wednesday morning, and it was difficult because the mother speaks Spanish and the daughter is really sick so can't speak very clearly, but it went well and they liked it. The nurse that was there for the daughter listened and even volunteered to say the closing prayer!

We had the first district meeting of the transfer on Tuesday. It was weird because the sisters that used to be in our district were moved to another district. ☹️ But it was great! Later we stopped by the Patterson family. The wife is the only member of the church and she does not come. But they were really nice and let us right in! We met the father and 2 boys who are 9 and 11. They said we could come share a message with them after school starts back up. (Which is super early here - August 10!)

Later that day we met with another Spanish family, the Figueroa family. It was just the mother and son. Again, it was a little rough because we don't know much Spanish, but we made it work and the son was able to translate a little. They said they would read the Book of Mormon. We are meeting with them tonight and bringing a member who can translate this time! After that we met with Brinlee and Sister Oncher.

On Wednesday was our visit with the Cordova family. We arranged that we would meet them on Sunday morning and they could follow us to church. When we went on Sunday morning, a nurse answered and said they were sleeping and had gone to church yesterday. We were really confused. But we stopped by that night and Fleur, the mother, told us that she had tried to come to church but the parking lot was full. Our parking lot is never full so we think she had the wrong church. It was a good visit, though, and we will be seeing them on Wednesday again. Anyway, after that we visited with a less active grandma and grandson who also live in our apartment complex. They seemed to feel the Spirit and remember a lot about what they had learned before. We are planning on doing family history with them next time! Then at 2:30 John Lambru had his baptism interview! Elder Johnson said it went well. We saw a huge change in him this week as he overcame his doubts and acted in faith to continue forward with his baptism.

On Friday afternoon we were finally able to meet with a man who I had met with Sister Lesuma. His name is Ray. He was very receptive to the message and said he would be baptized if he came to know it was true. We set a date for August 26. He said he would try to come to church, but he was very self conscious about what to wear. We told him just to come in the best that he had. But...he didn't come. We had our last lesson with Brother Lambru that night and it made me really excited because I felt he really was ready to be baptized! That night we saw a man named Julio in our complex who we had helped with the printer in the computer lab while we were emailing several weeks ago. He was very nice and we set up an appointment with him. He said he would come to church not this week, but next!

Saturday was baptism day! It was so awesome! Brother Lambru was having a really hard time walking but he made it. We were so scared that he was going to fall walking into the font or not be able to bend his knees to get underwater. The whole room went dead silent. But miracles happen - he was fully submerged the first time! The talks were great. The woman who was playing the piano brought her nonmember husband. Missionaries came to support from surrounding areas. It was just all-around awesome!

On Sunday was John's confirmation. Sister Durrant was asked to lead the music in sacrament meeting so I was sitting alone (with some members) which felt really weird. When she came to sit down she didn't come sit with me but kept one of our investigators who was sitting behind me! Ms. Williams came to church! She was even singing along to the hymns! We're not sure how much she enjoyed it because she is used to a much different atmosphere. But it was good to see her there.

Well, this is really long and scatterbrained. Sorry! So much happened this week it is hard to summarize and prioritize it. In short, great things are happening in Apollo Beach! It's a little overwhelming but it is in the Lord's hands!

D&C 100:4 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls.

Love, Sister Porter 😊

John after his baptism!

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