Monday, October 9, 2017

The Power of the Book of Mormon

July 31, 2017

Hello, all!

The highlight of the week was zone conference!  It was really good.  We learned about how to use the Book of Mormon more in our missionary work and why it is so important.  That night we got to practice using it to contact people on the street and it was cool to see the difference in the Spirit.  We also met a super cool young family who know about the church because of an uncle who has talked to them about it.  They were super nice and open to learning more.  We set up an appointment.  We read the Book of Mormon with the Figueroa family and at first they were reluctant to read aloud themselves, but after awhile they joined in.  The Book of Mormon has so much power!  It changes lives.  At the end of the night, Sister Durrant felt prompted to knock on a door.  We did, even though it was late and had a no soliciting sign.  We were able to share a scripture with the man who answered and give him a Book of Mormon.  He had practically asked for it and was willing to learn more.  I know that the Book of Mormon brings the Spirit and is a way that God can speak to us and give us comfort and guidance.

On Friday we taught a member family, the Nelsons, using Mosiah 24:12-15.  We talked about how we can get through trials and challenges.  We taught Brother Lambru and he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon!  😠 So we read it with him.  Finally we taught Emily and Kailyn.  They are doing pretty well but have been busy so they haven't been able to meet with us or read the Book of Mormon.  They said they would pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon was true.  

On Saturday we were supposed to meet with Brinlee but she was with a friend and didn't want to come out.  So we met with Sister Oncher!  She said she would come to church whether or not Brinlee would wake up.  But she didn't.  She said the nurse didn't get there for her daughter in time.  But we had a woman visiting from Canada come to church.  She is learning more about the church and she was really cool!  She will be moving here at the end of September.

On Sunday night we taught Kailyn and she had prayed about the Book of Mormon!  She is so cool.  We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she totally understood repentance.  At the end of the lesson a man came out from the apartment across the hall from hers and said he had heard us talking about God and wanted to join in.  He had his Bible and was really bummed we were already done.  It was also almost 9:00, time to go back to our apartment.  But we got his number and told him we would set up a time to meet with him.  So cool!

Well, that's about it for this week.  It is stormy outside right now, and Sister Durrant has had a nasty cold the past few days, so that hasn't been fun.  But she is a trooper!  I'm also looking forward to my birthday on Thursday! 🎉 

Have an awesome week!

Love, Sister Porter

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