Sunday, February 26, 2017

Let Your Light Shine!

Jan. 16, 2017

Anyway, how has everyone's week been? Ours has been pretty busy.

On Tuesday we had zone training meeting and interviews with the mission president. On Wednesday we had an exchange so I was in Land O Lakes with Sister Huber. We taught a 6 year old girl and her mom (who is a member of our church, stopped coming, and is starting to come back) in the morning and then walked with them to the bus stop. They are super sweet. We went to Vallarta's for lunch, where they have dollar tacos on certain days. It was really good. We went to a youth activity that night with a little girl who just got baptized and a little girl who is about to get baptized. We made cute jars with glow in the dark paint to remind us to let our lights shine, like Jesus says in Matthew 5:16.

On Thursday, we taught the M's. Somehow, we were able to break through some ice and find out a little more about why Brother M never prays in our lessons. Apparently he has not prayed in their almost 20 years of marriage. We need to find out what it is that keeps him from communicating with Heavenly Father. It is not enough to just participate in prayer, but it needs to be from the heart, an actual conversation, done with faith and willingness to act.

We met with several member families this week to get to know them better and strengthen their faith and desire to do missionary work. We also helped take down the set from Night in Bethlehem on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, we stopped by the Speers. Brother Speer is a less active member and his wife is not a member. They were very nice and were happy to let us share a short message about Jesus Christ. We set up a time to go back.

That was basically our week. Nicole has been super busy, so we haven't been able to meet with her again and her kids were sick yesterday, so they didn't make it to church. They seem to be progressing, though, and we are very excited for them!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Don't forget to update me on what's going on in your lives.😊
Just some selfies ...

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