Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Broken Nomads

Feb. 20, 2017

So we went to the mission office to get a Tiwi (mission driving monitoring system) installed in our car on Friday, and we were in the process of moving. We saw President Cooper and he asked how the move was going. We said it was going and he called us wandering nomads. We thought it was funny. Later we were talking to the mission nurse about the new exercise plan to run a mile. Sister Swanson and Sister Hunt both can't run because of different medical things, so Sister Swanson joked and said they are both broken. So we have decided to call ourselves the broken nomads.

So we moved this week! Not to where we were expecting. It turns out there was a miscommunication and our new apartment will not be ready until March 22, not February. We found out at a special conference that the mission had for all the sisters on Wednesday. Which was really awesome, by the way. So we kicked the zone leaders out of their apartment and they moved in with the other elders. We live in our area now! It was a huge feat to pack up and clean the whole apartment, and we just get to do it all over again in a month!

Not only that, but Sister Swanson has been in Land O Lakes since Saturday because Sister Smith is sick with some flu bug and it just worked out well that way with the two trios. We found out last night she will be staying there until Wednesday so she can have an official exchange with Sister Frye and we can all save miles. We will meet up at a zone service activity we will be having at a food bank on Wednesday. Crazy!

Also, this week we have been trying to tackle some communication problems in our companionship. It is especially hard in a trio to make sure everyone is happy and getting their needs met. It has been really hard, but I think progress is being made. I have definitely learned a lot about how to communicate effectively and with love.

I do have a miracle to share this week, though! We had dinner with the Relief Society president and her husband and son. Her husband and son are not members of the church. At the end, we shared a scripture with her and her husband and invited them to have family prayer every day. We could tell that she was very hesitant to be too pushy on him, and very surprised when he agreed. She came up to us yesterday at church and thanked us for coming. She said that every morning before she leaves for work, her husband will get out of bed and pray with her. Once, he even added his own part of the prayer. It was very special.

Well, that's about it for this week! It's been a crazy roller coaster, but it seems to be slowing down again. I have found that there is always something good to find in every situation. I hope you all have a great week ahead of you! _______________________________________________________________
Valentine's Day and Sisters' Conference!
1. Our district leader and his companion made us these little heart thingys
2. Valentine's cookies!
3. Sister Anderson!  And her companion Sister Naa.
4. All the sisters in the mission!  We had a special conference for all the sisters on Wednesday. 

Evidence of the crazy move... 
1. Me getting caught eating muddy buddies while packing our food...
2. The office elders who helped us move sent us this nice text! 

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