Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Happy 10 months, princess!"

Feb. 27, 2017

Today, I have been on my mission for 10 months! Sister Swanson sang me a birthday song replacing "birthday" with "10 months". "Happy birthday, princess, this is your special day, we're gonna have a good time together, happy birthday princess!" She sings it at every month mark. We also went to Sonic. Yum!

On Monday we taught Shalini, a 17 year old girl who the elders thought we should teach instead of them. She is really cool, but we are still trying to gauge how serious she is about learning more. She seems to like the social environment of the church but has a hard time understanding the doctrine of the gospel and focusing during lessons. She comes from a non-Christian background, so we are really starting from the beginning with her.

On Wednesday, we went to Metropolitan Ministries and served in the kitchen. I cut up a bunch of sausages and wiped down giant spice and sauce containers. It was fun! We hope to go there more often, maybe even weekly. They have a pantry, clothing, and housing area as well.

On Thursday, we had a great zone conference and learned how to teach more simply and use more scriptures. Then we got to practice it with other missionaries! I also saw Sister Minson for probably the last time on her mission. It was sad.

On Saturday, there was a ward activity that was a youth fundraiser. It included the youth serving dinner and a big auction. We were given 2 big cakes, some cookies, and a bath set. How are we supposed to eat it all?!

Anyway, that was pretty much our week. I love you all! The Relief Society lesson yesterday was on the talk from the last General Conference called "Am I Good Enough? Will I make it?" I recommend that you all read it. It is something I think a lot of people struggle with. I know I do! It is easy to focus on the things we aren't good at and miss all the wonderful things we do. The speaker talks about how we are never "bad" enough to not be loved or forgiven by Heavenly Father. I know that is true.

I hope you all have a great week! --------------------------------------------------------------


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