Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Land of Opportunity

June 5, 2017

Hello, all! So here I am with Sister Durrant. She's pretty awesome :) She is super silly and she loves to sing. We have seen so many miracles this week just by talking and meeting lots of different people. We went to one neighborhood I had never been to and were able to meet and set appointments with 2 less active members. On Friday we were able to help Tammy by cleaning her floors and making breakfast. She is so overwhelmed with everything that is going on. We ended up answering a couple questions about the Book of Mormon and Tammy basically committed herself to read the introduction page. After the lesson she got really emotional and gave me the biggest, most meaningful hug saying thank you so much for everything. We were also able to give their new hospice worker a Book of Mormon! We taught John that night. We had trouble finding a member to come with us but finally did and it was a great experience for her. She had never taught with missionaries before and she shared a beautiful testimony. John came to church and told us that he was planning on coming last week, but nobody showed up to give him a ride. We hadn't asked anybody to pick him up because he hadn't answered his phone so we weren't sure if he was planning on coming or not. He has a lot to learn, but he wants to learn and is trying hard despite all his questions.

On Saturday we met Nina who was a referral who moved from New York. She is super awesome and we set up an appointment for this week. She will come to church next Sunday if we can get her a ride, and there is an awesome member who lives in her neighborhood who can probably pick her and her daughter up. Her daughter was really excited to come to church, too :) That night we were about to leave a neighborhood, but I got a feeling we should go see somebody. Well, we didn't end up going to see that person but on the way we met several awesome people! One was a man who remembered us knocking on his door on Easter and sharing a video. I think I remember who he is but I'm not sure, haha.

Last night was awesome as well! We went back to an area near our apartment to try to see a woman we had met a couple weeks before. We not only got to see her and set up an appointment, but met a super cool man named Junior who said he has been wanting to get back into church and believed everything we taught him. He even said he would be baptized!

Well, who knows what this next week will hold, but I do know that it will be full of miracles and that whatever happens is God's will. I love you all and hope you never forget how much Heavenly Father loves you!
Transfer Pics!
1. Sister Lesuma saying goodbye to the Bolt family
2. Transfers...bye Sister Lesuma! ☹️
3. Sister Swanson! 😊
4. Me and Sister Durrant...she's a lot of fun 😝


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