Sunday, July 9, 2017

Miracles all around

May 22, 2017

Hello, all! It was a pretty good week. On Wednesday we taught Tammy with Ashley, the girl who was visiting who just got home from her mission. She is awesome!

On Thursday we had zone conference! It was amazing. I got to see Sister Swanson as well as Sister Smith and Sister Frye. There were great musical numbers and we learned a lot. After the conference, a group of us stayed to practice a song for the Why I Believe fireside. It was so fun a send I felt like I was in choir again! Then we drove back to church, had English class, and played volleyball afterwards. We had invited a lot of people because we had heard that a few less actives had really enjoyed it in the past, but Rene's family and the elders were the only ones who came. But it was fun! I still think that those kids are the cutest ever :)

We had a couple of big thunderstorms this week! One started during a lesson with Tammy and she gave us trash bags to go outside with. We ate dinner on the beach before the lesson.

But Saturday was the best! It was such an amazing day. We did service at the thrift store, had lunch, called a bunch of people, and then went to see a family that we had met a week or so before. We walked up just in time to help the wife and son carry a couch up the front steps and into their house. The wife and daughter were open to learning more about the church and we set an appointment for next Saturday. Then we went to visit Sister Valdez. She is less active and her husband is not a member. We got to meet her husband and he is really nice! They were talking about doing yard work and we offered to help. Sister Valdez was hesitant to let us help, but Brother Valdez was all for it! So next Saturday we will (most likely) be going over there to help out. It will be a great way to get to know him and see if he is interested in being taught. Then we stopped by a couple of potential investigators and had good conversations with them. We set up an appointment with one of them for...wait for Saturday! Wow, that is going to be a great day! After that we decided to try to find this nice beach with a restaurant that a lot of people had told us about because it was Sister Lesuma's 10 month mark. We found it and the restaurant wasn't great, but when we walked out onto the beach we started talking to a lady who was sitting on a bench. She was really nice and eventually told us that she had met with elders when she was a teenager because her friend had invited her to. She mentioned that she had moved here recently and seen the elders biking around. She felt it was a sign from God that we had run into her. We were led to that beach, and she told us that they had been about to leave, but her sons had asked to stay longer. She said she would come to the Why I Believe fireside, but she didn't make it. However, she did say that she would be willing to learn more if we would be openminded towards her. She is so cool! Her name is Shauntae. But the miracles of the day don't end there! We stopped by a less active man and he and his daughter opened the door. They were really nice and he was going to let us in, but his wife wasn't home. He said he would talk to his wife about coming to the fireside, and that we could come back and share a message sometime. The Lord definitely has a hand in His work!

Yesterday John made it to church! After church we came home, had studies and dinner, and then headed to the stake center for the Why I Believe fireside! It was really cool. There were 4 or 5 recent converts to the church who bore their testimonies, interspersed with musical numbers by the missionaries. It seemed as if almost the whole mission was there, haha. Then President Cooper and President Howell, the stake president, spoke. It was a great event.

Well, I love you all and hope you aren't too cold up farther from the tropics :)

1. Us with Ashley after teaching Tammy :)
2. Zone conference
3. Rene and his family after volleyball
4. Storm coming in on the beach 
5. Manatee mailbox.  Manatees are big in Apollo Beach
6. Adorable little kitten at the Valdezes!
7, 8, 9. Us on the beach with Shauntae
10. A random group of missionaries after the Why I Believe fireside



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