Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our trio's down to two...

March 6, 2017

Hello, all! This week was great.  I got to go to the temple on Wednesday with a bunch of awesome sisters. The Duffins took us to Panera afterwards and we passed the Disney sign!  It was super fun. I know that the temple is the closest to heaven that we can get in this life.  I felt so much peace and love there.

We have been teaching Shalini more and we think she is grasping what we are teaching better than before. We tried using pictures with sidewalk chalk and we think it helped. Her little cousin Shariah joins in for some of the lessons. We even met Shalini's aunt who seemed pretty interested and open to learning more, but goes in and out of the hospital so is hard to catch.  

We received a referral from a member and when we went and visited her, she was outside and was excited to see us.  She seemed very open and willing to learn and said she would bring her family to church, but they did not come.  Neither did Shalini.  But it was an interesting day at church nonetheless.  Someone had a seizure in front of us in the middle of the sacrament, I sat next to a dog in Sunday school (she was a service dog), and Sister Swanson wasn't there because of a meeting for the leaders.

Also, we just got the call for transfers!  Sister Swanson and I are staying, and Sister Hunt is going to Venice with one of her old companions.  There are several other changes in the zone, so it is going to be exciting.  Love y'alls!

P.S. Is it really March already?!
Temple Pics and Shalini!
1. On the way to the temple!
2. I love to see the temple
3. Sister Duffin, Hermana Anderson, Hermana Chavez, Hermana Whitlock, me, Sister Meagher, Sister Jensen, Sister Naa, Sister Lance, and Sister Zinck
4. Us with Shalini and her little cousin Shariah. We taught part of the Restoration with sidewalk chalk 

More temple pics and Disney sign!
We're all pretty awkward. But we got to see the Disney sign!


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