Sunday, July 9, 2017

Primera Dios - God First

May 8, 2017

Hello, all! So many amazing things happened this week. I think it was the best week of my mission! Here we go:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had an exchange and I went with Sister Suman in YSA (USF Campus). It was so fun! We met a lot of awesome people and hope they keep in contact. One of their investigators came to institute class with us and said he felt something different there. We also went to Vallarta's for dollar tacos - so good!

On Thursday we cleaned out a disabled member's pantry and food storage that was old and dirty. English class was cancelled both days this week because they all work at the same place and had to work late. We taught John on Friday and he seems to be progressing in his knowledge. He wasn't able to come to church on Sunday but has been reading the Book of Mormon.

Saturday and Sunday were the best. We stopped by Rene's house and were able to teach his whole family! He and his son Haritz took turns translating for Rosa, Rene's wife. They were very receptive and had already been planning on coming to church with their cousins. When we asked them to come, they looked at each other and said, "Primera Dios" or "God first". They are so amazing and the kids are so cute. They came to church and got Spanish translation headsets. We have a Spanish Sunday school class, so Rene and Rosa went there while we got to go to Primary with Sbeide, their daughter! It was so fun.

After church we had a lesson with Tammy and she opened up to us with questions and concerns. It was really good because we were able to understand how to teach her better. She wouldn't take a Book of Mormon because she said this week was so crazy she wouldn't have time to read it and she also wanted time to absorb what we had taught her. But she agreed with almost everything we said and is very close to the Spirit.

Missionary work is amazing. There is no greater happiness than to see someone come closer to Jesus Christ. The love we feel for those we teach is amazing as well. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's blessings. He knows us perfectly and wants what is best for us.

Have a great week!

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