Sunday, July 9, 2017

Circle of Life

May 30, 2017

Hello, all! Our P-day was changed due to Memorial Day. So first off, transfers are a real thing. Sister Lesuma and I didn't think that anything was going to happen to us, so we were shocked to find out that she is going to New Tampa to be in a trio with Sister Swanson's trainee. What?! My new companion will be Sister Durrant who was previously in Tampa 2 and was companions with Sister Hunt awhile ago. There is also a new sister training leader in Lithia, so I might be able to go on an exchange there!

This week we met a lot of people who seemed interested and said we could come back. The trick is catching them again, and before they forget the feeling from the Spirit that led them to invite us back. But we are very hopeful for the future! We also got a couple referrals, one from New York who is moving in and has been meeting with missionaries for about a year, one who some missionaries met in downtown Tampa, and another from the elders. She is a self referral who they hadn't been able to meet with. On Saturday, all of our appointments and plans fell through so we biked to her neighborhood to go see her and she was home. She is super awesome! She has been researching the church because she is looking for a church and has some friends who are members of our church. She said she wanted the happiness that she sees in them. We have an appointment with her on Thursday.

Oh, we also had to say goodbye to Rene and his family this week. They are so sweet. We will probably call them soon and hopefully in a few weeks they will be settled in their own house and we can ask the missionaries up there to start teaching them again.

We taught Tammy on Thursday and she had tried to read the chapters we gave her, but was not able to focus or understand. She just has so much on her mind. We promised her that reading the scriptures would help her mind be clear for the challenges she faces. We talked a little about prayer and eventually committed her to pray with her husband that night and try to make it a daily habit. It will bless their relationship and their outlook through their trials immensely. We also gave her a Restoration video in hopes that would speak to her if reading didn't.

That night, we did an activity with the 8-11 year old girls from the congregation about missionary work. They are amazing missionaries already! It was so cool to see. We all got "mission calls" (I'm going to Uganda) and we practiced with them talking to the adult leaders as if we were missionaries meeting them on the street.

We taught John on Friday night and the member we brought with us was really helpful in finding out his needs and helping him open up about his questions and concerns. He is still open to learning but we're not sure how he is progressing. There was a baptism on Saturday and we wanted him to come, but he didn't answer the phone so we didn't get him a ride. He didn't come to church and still hasn't called us back.

Last few random tidbits: On Saturday night, Sister Lesuma tried to make a cake but accidentally misread the instructions and mixed the cake ingredients with the icing ingredients. We also didn't have any eggs. It didn't turn out very edible, but it was fun to watch it bake! We had a family home evening with the Hackers and the Higbees last night which was also fun.

Well, that's about it for this week. Love y'alls!
1. The district
2 and 3. What happens when we try to take jumping pictures...
4. Giant grasshopper we found
5. Saying goodbye to the cutest family...the kids wanted us to hold the stuffed animals 😊
6. Sister Lesuma saying goodbye to the Hackers


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